What We Do: Appraisal

We use the 45-years of experience and specialized knowledge in the Front Range, specifically the Denver Metropolitan Area real estate marketplace to provide reliable and impartial valuation reports on all classifications of real property with specialization in charter schools and eminent domain.

The Appraisal Team was recently added as a service to the Pinnacle platform, expanding our growing real estate expertise to facilitate client requests for appraisals, feasibility analysis, and consulting services for all classifications of real estate. The Appraisal Team will be operating locally, regionally, and nationally.


Our objective of consulting services is to provide advice, a recommendation, an opinion, or a conclusion about real estate, but not develop an opinion of market value.  With extensive market knowledge provided by our association with the brokerage and management departments within Pinnacle Real Estate Advisors, LLC, we have an advantage on current market conditions through marketing and brokerage activities.


Feasibility studies are a sub-category of a consulting assignments.  The task is to formulate an opinion of value for a proposed use and test the feasibility of that use by comparing costs and benefits.  This type of assignment is not to develop an opinion of value, but rather to draw a conclusion about feasibility, which is assessed by determining whether the financial benefits (value) of an action for project is equal to or greater than the cost or to analyze alternative actions or projects.  Highest and best use and feasibility are interrelated; however, feasibility analyses may involve data and considerations that are not directly relate to highest and best use.

Litigation Support

We will assist in providing advisory and support services to a litigation team or to the experts who testify.  This classification of services is generally covered under the attorney work product privilege and is confidential.

Tax Appeal

We review extensive data to provide a true and unbiased market value on your property that can be a basis for challenging a tax assessment believed to be inaccurate.